pups and love
pups and love

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[x] - Kaiser - 9 week old Keeshond

[x] - Chow Puppy Can’t Get Out Of Bowl

[x] - Pomeranian Puppies - Spring walk in winter.

Hello everybody!

I am so, so sorry I have not been posting for A WHOLE YEAR.
I just had some difficulties in real life and had a rough time having any motivation to gif at all.


Secondly, now that I am back I want YOU! to send me asks with dog breeds you’d like to see me gif. Check into my askbox and I will get to it as soon as I can. I apologize if it takes a longer period of time, but I will do it eventually!

Much love xx

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[x] - Dachshund - Cute 6 Week Old Puppies

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[x] - Irish Setter Welpen Altheimer Herrenwiesen

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[x] - Samoyed Puppies (Day 38) - Hit & Runs

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